Experts Opinion

A S M Shaykhul Islam
FCMA, F-0192 , Presidents 2015

As a local software development company “Advanced Software & IT Services (ASIT)” is providing international standard services both at home and abroad to my knowledge. It has grown its reputation to be one of the most innovative professional software related service provider in last 22 years. Its unique developments and services are highly recognized by the users and clients. I had the pleasure to see the centERPoint ERP Solution, and confidently mention that this is very simple but effective software that will help a business organization giving digital advantage over others for managing business from any part of the world. The system runs from a single source of information.

I personally know Mr. Harun-ur Rashid, Chairman, ASIT for last 20 years and found him honest, sincere and committed to profession. I wish all the success of Mr. Harun-ur Rashid and ASIT.

Mr.A.K.M. Delwer Hussain
FCMA, F-0215 , Presidents 2013

I have seen the presentation of centERPoint ERP Solution and can say that it’s very simple and efficient. Every now and then promises are made for delivering appropriate ERP software, but rumors are true. Because when different modules are being integrated together, that’s when the ultimate problem arises. Advanced software IT Services are leading in this area of expertise. Their chairman Mr. Harun-ur Rashid, who is also a professional friend of mine has a vast experience in accounting profession and is a professional accountant (FCMA).

Mohammed Salim
FCMA,FCMA, F-0215 , Presidents 2014

Different companies are now going through digital modernization procedures in running their businesses, Advanced Software is playing a vital role in completing the procedures for them by providing them with ERP solutions. Their software is highly integrated with all modules that functions properly to bring out key performance issues in fulfilling business aspects. I personally know Mr. Harun-ur Rashid, (Chairman) of the company, I have seen the centERPoint ERP solution and can say that it’s very simple and efficient.